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Royalty Free Performance Scripts

The following scripts are available for free download. There is no performance fee but please note that all material is copyright. If you do download these scripts and perform them, I would be grateful if you would let me know by sending me an e-mail. Please also ensure that the copyright statement remains on any printed copies. Thank you.

Title Description
(Numbers in brackets indicate number of actors needed.)
Good Friday Street drama in the style of a flash mob telling the Good Friday story. Very challenging and hard hitting. Would suit a large group. (Minimum 20)
I Peter Monologue for Good Friday. Peter is waiting for the soldiers to bring Jesus out before he is taken to be crucified. (1)
It was me Monologue. Final realisation that what people told the character about God was true. (1)
Operation Subtle Lies The war room in hell as preparations are made for a major offensive against the people of earth. You will never look at Halloween the same way again. (4)
The Thin End Another sketch looking at Halloween and how we let little things start to compromise our faith. (2)
Scary Moments Very short sketch about the scariest moment possible. (6)
The Television Exodus 20:3 - You shall have no other gods before me. (3)
I saw it on the box How the television can break down our moral fabric and cause us to unwittingly break God's 10 commandments. (3)
Where are you going? How our attitudes can turn people away from God. (2)
The Watchmaker Is it reasonable to assume that the universe was created from just a big bang? (2)
The Bagman Helping others to get rid of their burdens. Pointing the way towards Jesus as the only means of salvation. (4)
Tick Tock Never put off accepting Jesus as your Saviour. The finality of death. (3)

All scripts are available as PDF documnets. A free PDF viewer can be downloaded from the ADOBE Website. Click the logo.

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