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It Makes You Think!
by Jonny White

Description Cost
Fourteen scripts to challenge and provoke. Some scripts suitable only for Christian audiences and some suitable for outreach or mixed audiences. 7.99
The Gossip Chain What really happens when the prayer chain is activated. (5)
The diary of Christian Christianson Do your actions bear witness to what you profess with your mouth. (3)
Where are you going? Is your life encouraging others to find out more about Jesus. (2)
Inner City How do people see our church and how does our church see other people.. (4)
Cold Nights Our attitudes to those we perceive to be different to us. (4)
Prayer Rope The importance of prayers. (4)
Dodgy Enterprises A man is desperate to find someone to pray for him. (3)
My Shame Monologue. The shame we should feel when we let our Lord down. (1)
Knocking Is Jesus knocking on the door of your heart? (2)
The Interview What happens when you die if you think good works is enough. (3)
Puppetteer The transforming power of the Holy Spirit (4/5)
Scary Moments See royalty free scripts.
Tick Tock See royalty free scripts.
It was me See royalty free scripts.
It Makes You Think is available as a PDF file, ready for printing. The cost is just 7.99 which gives the purchaser the right to perform all or any part of the content any number of times, providing it is not being staged for commercial gain. Please see the Purchase Information page for more details.

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It Makes You Think