Modern take on Bible stories

Bible Stories retold is a collection of eight Bible stories retold from a different viewpoint designed to make you think more about the message. Stories from Genesis to Acts of the Apostles. £6.00
This is what you get with this collection. The number of actors required is shown in brackets in the description.
The Beginning of the End Adam and Eve are preparing their evening meal together when Adam discovers that yesterday's pudding wasn't what he thought it was. (2)
Walls of Jericho Joshua and the battle of Jericho: Joshua 5:13 to 6:21
A sketch written specifically for children’s workshops where a lot of children are expected. A single narrator tells the story (although it could be performed with two narrators if necessary), and various children are chosen to play key parts. (Unlimited cast)
The King is Dead Daniel 5: King Belshazzar's feast where he sees the writing on the wall, told from the viewpoint of one of the servants at the banquet. (4)
Passport Control The three wise men near their journey's end, but are confronted by a border guard whose sole purpose in life seems to be preventing them reaching Bethlehem. (4)
Beyond Passport Control The three wise men are on their way home after having seen the baby Jesus. They realise that God is telling them not to report back to Herod, but to take a different route home. (4)
Whose Lunch is it Anyway? Matthew has just arrived home after sharing his meagre lunch with Jesus and then witnessing the feeding of the 5000. Try telling that to your parents! (3)
After the 5000 Jesus has just fed the 5000 and the disciples are now taking the boat to the other side of the lake when they see Jesus walking on the water towards them. (Requires 4 speaking disciples and Jesus. Could be staged with a minimum of 5, but other disciples could be used as extras.)
Straight Street Ananias has returned home after seeing Paul’s conversion to be greeted by a less than happy wife.
Bible Stories Retold is available as a PDF file, ready for printing. Purchasing gives the right to perform all or any part of the content any number of times, providing it is not being staged for commercial gain. Please see the Purchase Information page for more details.

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