The following script collections may all be purchased.

We decided not to mess about with odd pennies, which is why all scripts are at a round pound price.

Click the script collection name in the left column for detailed information about what the collection contains, including the number of actors required. Once scripts are purchased, there is no additional royalty fee to pay to perform the scripts (see the copyright page for more information).

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Collection Name Description Price  
Seafarers Seafarers is a 4 day holiday club based on the missionary journeys of St Paul. This pack contains everything you need to help run a successful holiday club for 6 to 11 year olds including puppet scripts, a daily play and the Bible stories retold from a different perspective. It also includes ideas for craft, games, memory verses, challenges and much more. £15
I'm a Frog A 2-hour performance that takes the audience through a fast paced mix of Bible based stories told from unusual viewpoints,sketches that are there just for entertainment, plus hard-hitting, life-challenging sketches. Suitable for all ages. £8
Who let the Puppets Out A collection of nine scripts for use with puppets. Some tell Bible stories and some are for specific events in the church calendar. We use large "Wide-Mouth" puppets but they can be used with any sort of puppets. £8
The Puppets are Back Thirteen scripts for puppets telling Bible stories and for Christian festivals such as Christmas, Easter and Pentecost. £8
It makes you think Fourteen scripts to challenge and provoke thought. Some scripts are only suitable for Christian audiences and some are suitable for outreach or mixed audiences. £8
Bible and Life 5 Bible stories from a different perspective plus a mini play in 3 parts suitable for children's holiday club or similar. £8
Bible Stories Retold A collection of eight Bible stories retold from a new viewpoint, starting in Genesis and ending in Acts of the Apostles. £6
Parables and More Bible Stories Retold Parables, Bible stories and object lessons from the Bible, all retold from somewhat different perspectives. £6
Special Agents for God A mini play in four acts that is suitable for a children's holiday club or similar plus 3 puppet scripts to accompany the play along with the Special Agents theme song sheet music. £6
Life's Like That Sometimes A collection of six puppet and live action scripts about some of the things that happen to us. £5

Royalty Free Scripts

If you were looking for the Royalty Free Scripts downloads page, then follow this link. There is no cost to download or any performance fee but please note that all material is copyrighted (see Copyright page for more information).