New and Old Testament Stories

Bible and Life is a collection of five Bible stories retold, plus a mini play in three acts that is suitable for a children's holiday club or similar. £8.00
This is what you get with this collection. The number of actors required is shown in brackets in the description.
Change of Career When people believe, God does great things. An ex-prophet of Baal who has escaped after the altercation between Elijah and the prophets of Baal at Mount Carmel decides that a career change is required. (2)
1 Kings 18:18-40
Dinner Time Matthew 7:7-12 - who would give their child a stone when they ask for bread? (2)
How the mighty fall Two soldiers watching what happens between David and Goliath. Demonstration of lack of faith. (2)
Prayer Life How would relationships between children and parents develop if the communication was based on the amount of time we spend in prayer with our heavenly father. (2)
You shall not bow down Daniel 3 - dramatisation of the episode of the fiery furnace with Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego (6)
Mini Play
Space - the Final Soap Frontier
Three act mini play on the theme of Space suitable for use with a holiday club for children. Each act stands alone for use on successive sessions. The themes of the three episodes are Exploration, Disaster and Recovery. The teaching points that can be made are for our own lives and for the life of Jesus, as follows:

1. How we like to go our own way in life
2. Jesus' early ministry.

1. What happens when we don't obey God
2. Jesus death on the cross

1. How Jesus can save us from our sin
2. Jesus resurrection.

Bible and Life is available as a PDF file, ready for printing. Purchasing gives the right to perform all or any part of the content any number of times, providing it is not being staged for commercial gain. Please see the Purchase Information page for more details.

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