Your personal data is important to us

When you visit our website, we don't use any form of tracking or cookies, so you cannot be identified from a visit to our site.

If you download one of the royalty free scripts, we don't know that either. We trust that the scripts will be used for the glory of God, so we don't need to know who has downloaded them. If you want to tell us by email that you've downloaded them, then that is absolutely up to you.

If you purchase scripts from us, then we do not store any of your payment information. That's why we use Paypal, so we don't have to worry about keeping sensitive personal information according to the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).

What data do we keep?

When you purchase through Paypal, we get an email from Paypal with your name, address (if you have supplied it), email address and details of the scripts you have bought. We use this information to send you the chosen scripts by email. We may send you more than one email to ensure that you get your chosen products.

What marketing information do we send out?

None! Not a thing.

You will never get any unsolicited emails from Whiteslade Drama. Once we are sure that you have received your chosen product and are happy with it, we will delete all notifications from Paypal and delete your details. The only time you will hear from us after purchase is complete is if you choose to contact us.

If you have any further information about how we use your data, then please do get in touch.