Mix of Puppet and Live Action Sketches

Life's Like That Sometimes is a collection of puppet and live action scripts that illustrate the title of the collection. £6.00
This is what you get with this collection. The number of actors required is shown in brackets in the description.
Easter Uprising

Puppets. An Easter script where one puppet gets confused between the Ulster Easter Uprising and the rising of Jesus from the dead. (2)


Puppets. An Easter script delving into the meaning of being Justifed. (2)

Easter Bunnies

Puppets. An Easter script looking at the real meaning of Easter, and it's not Bunnies in case you were wondering. (2)

What is Christmas all about Puppets. Discovering that the true meaning of Christmas is not about presents and having a good time. (2)
New Year Makeover Puppets. Ideally for use around the Christmas/New Year period, but could be adapted for other times in the year. It's what's on the inside that counts for God. (2)
Hair Vest Puppets. Why we have harvest festivals in church even though most people don't rely on the seasons for their food. (2)
Friendship Puppets. Why it is important to support our friends when they are passionate about something. (2)
The Woman of Some Area The story of Jesus at the well. A television reporter is interviewing the woman after Jesus had left the area and finds out how her meeting with Jesus has changed not only her life, but the lives of those around her. (3)
No Satisfaction An aging rocker and a housewife talking at a cafe about how they don't seem to be able to get any satisfaction in life. A voice interjects relevant passages from scripture to illustrate how we can get true satisfaction. (2)
It's a My-Phone Puppets. Does having a new phone mean you can talk to people more? (2)
Life's Like That Sometimes is available as a PDF file, ready for printing. Purchasing gives the right to perform all or any part of the content any number of times, providing it is not being staged for commercial gain. Please see the Purchase Information page for more details.

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