What can I do or not do with the scripts?

All scripts are copyrighted ©1996-2018 Jonny White (Whiteslade Drama). If you have purchased a collection of scripts, you may perform the whole or any part of it any number of times without paying additional royalties providing that the performance is:
(a) part of a church service, or
(b) connected with Christian organisations and to the glory of God, and
(c) not for commercial gain.
You may print enough copies for your cast but please purchase at least one copy per 4 actors unless otherwise stated in the script.
You may not photocopy, print or distribute in any form including any electronic format, posting to any web site or e-mailing to other people.
All copies made must retain the copyright statement within them.
If you intend to perform a complete script collection or any element therein and no-one in the cast has purchased a copy, please make every effort to contact the author and purchase a single copy.
If you intend to perform any script contained in this collection for commercial gain, please contact the author for royalty information.
The content of all scripts downloaded or purchased from the Whiteslade Drama website remain the property of the author, Jonny White, and may not be altered without permission.
If you require alterations to the script to fit your own particular church situation, please contact Jonny White. No reasonable request for amendment will be refused but the author retains the right to be identified as the author of the original script. All copies of the amended script must contain the author's name and a statement to say that the script has been amended from the original with permission from the author.