Stand Alone Scripts

The Puppets are Back is a collection of thirteen scripts for use with puppets. Some tell Bible stories and some are for specific events in the church calendar such as Christmas, Easter and Pentecost. £8.00
This is what you get with the "The Puppets are Back" collection. The number of puppets required is shown in brackets in the description. Some scripts could be performed with live actors rather than puppets.
I wish I was a sheep 2 goats discussing why it would be better to be a sheep than a goat - the parable of the lost sheep. (2)
It's not Fair Based on the workers in the vineyard (2)
Elf Control Fruits of the Spirit, in particular Self Control (2)
I seed it Parable of the sower (2)
Christmas 1 Christmas is about giving (2)
Christmas 2 Why we go to church at Christmas (2)
Chocolate Tea Cake Why the Easter story is like a chocolate tea cake (sweet marshmallow covered in chocolate) (2)
Easter 1 Why we give Easter eggs (2)
Easter 2 Continuation of Easter 1 with strong Easter message about resurrection (2)
Pentecost How we change when God puts His hand on us (2)
Touching the Invisible 1 How we change when God touches us (2)
Touching the Invisible 2 Continuation of above, with strong concluding message (2)
Wise and Foolish Parable of the wise and foolish men (2)
The Puppets are Back is available as a PDF file, ready for printing. Purchasing gives the right to perform all or any part of the content any number of times, providing it is not being staged for commercial gain. Please see the Purchase Information page for more details.

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