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Whiteslade Drama scripts are challenging, relevant and life changing.

Scripts are written to convey the Christian message in different styles, using Biblical passages or life applications. They are suitable for performance within a church service or at events where people who do not yet believe in Jesus Christ as personal Saviour may be present.

These Christian drama scripts have been proven in a small drama group environment in front of audiences of all sizes and types. Whiteslade Drama scripts have been performed all over the world, on every continent except Antarctica and in at least 40 different countries. 

Whether you are looking for scripts for your drama group to perform a complete evangelistic event or just for a short script to introduce a sermon theme, then please browse the script collections. Look at some of the royalty free scripts to get an idea of the style of Whiteslade Drama writing.

Most scripts require few props and can be staged by performers of all capabilities and ages, from youth groups to professional theatre companies. Some of the puppet scripts are only suitable for use with puppets, but many could easily be adapted to live performers.

Scripts are categorised according to style and theme. Discounts are available for multiple purchases of the same script. 

Choose the scripts page to see the complete range of available scripts.


Royalty Free Good Friday Drama

A script for outdoor theatre on Good Friday taking the audience from the Garden of Gethsemane to the crucifixion.
Requires a minimum of 20 people to stage for maximum effect.

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Holiday Club

Seafarers Holiday Club

Seafarers is a 4 day holiday club based on the missionary journeys of St Paul. This pack contains everything you need to help run a successful holiday club for 6 to 11 year olds.

There are puppet scripts, a daily play and the Bible stories retold from a different perspective. It includes ideas for craft, games, memory verses, challenges and much more.

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